The NUSC & Adam Thomas Football Academy is designed to provide a supportive and competitive environment to build players technical and tactical abilities, game understanding and mentality.

Players will take part in football sessions consisting of individual skill practice and game like practice. Specific drills and small-sided games will be used to maximise touches on the ball during games.

Players and parents will receive constructive feedback from the coaches at the end of each term, outlining players strengths, areas of improvement and homework.

From this academy the Federation League teams for U12's, U13's and U14's will be selected. These teams will train at an elite level under NZ qualified coaches.

We aim to build a great football and family culture and are providing high-level coaching and support to players and families.


Individual Technical Work 

  • Ranges of passing
  • Opening out and turning
  • First touch
  • Shooting and finishing
  • One vs One
  • Ability to beat players

Technical and tactical 

  • Retaining Possession
  • Small sided games 
  • Position based exercises


Feedback on a player's performance over the term, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and constructive feedback with homework and ideas going forward.